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Payment methods


Payment is made before or upon delivery of the products and can be made in one of the following ways:

Payment by Card

Payment is made by debiting your credit, debit or prepaid Visa card, Mastercard.
The process of clearing your payment is undertaken by PIRAEUS Bank. For the additional security of electronic transactions via credit cards, you are automatically transferred to a secure location in the Paycenter service of PIRAEUS BANK where the payment is processed with absolute security (SSL 128 bit).

Bank deposit

Payment is made by depositing the final amount of the order in one of the following accounts, noting in the reasoning the order number and your name:

GR 38 0172 6000 0056 0009 9933 653


When the deposit is made by any other Greek or foreign bank, any transaction costs are borne exclusively by the customer. The order is sent by displaying the amount in the respective account.

Orders remain valid for 7 working days. In case of non-payment of the price of your order within the time limit of 7 working days the order will be canceled.

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